Sometimes you feel a little lost, stuck, worried you can't do, afraid your vision is too big.

You know you're here for a reason, and you feel driven to fulfill your life purpose.

You don't mind being different, unique, a bit misunderstood. You're even proud of it.

Sometimes you feel as if nothing can stop you, as if everything is falling perfectly into place. You're in flow, on purpose, and at peace.

But other times you feel as if your vision is too big, undoable, or just plain wrong.

You feel confused, off-track, and floundering. You're tempted to play it safe and fall in line with everyone else. You're tempted to go back to being . . . "normal," inconspicuous, quiet.

But you can't. You know you can't. Even when you try, when you're about to capitulate to "fitting in," something in you breaks open—or tears you apart. You'll die trying, living with passion and purpose, creating meaning, making even a small difference, rather than living a slow, dispassionate death full of regret.

That's when you need guidance—from someone who understands, someone who's been there. And that's where I come in. 

I know what it's like to live on that pendulum, swinging between bliss and despair, from meaning to nothing, wondering if you're making a difference at all, questioning whether the struggle is worth it.

It is. It *is* worth it because you know in your soul that you have no choice but to live your vision and your purpose.

Every game-changer and trailblazer is carving out their own path. So, I'm not going to give you a roadmap and promise you that it will lead you to your destination. You're walking a path that hasn't been walked before!

What I *can* do is give you the tools to:

  • cut through doubt,
  • face your fears,
  • navigate obstacles,
  • master your gifts, and
  • clarify your vision

I help you live and work on purpose, at peace, and in flow. You see, we don't eliminate struggle; we harness it as a necessary part of getting into flow—like surfing a wave, getting into a runner's high, playing the piano, or giving the performance of your life.

Let's make those changes you want to see in the world—not by changing you, but by being YOU.



Get the Fear Out of Here

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Release fear and transform limiting beliefs so you can reach your true potential, achieve peak performance, and bring your deepest vision to life.

Unleash the Animal Within

Spirit animals represent your strengths, your gifts, and your true potential. They reflect your work style, your leadership style, and your problem-solving style. Spirit animals show you the road blocks in your way, how to get around them, and how to get what you really want in life.

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Shamanic healing sessions and MentorCoaching will help you transform fear and doubt into the courage and confidence to get unstuck and create the change you want to see in the world.


“Kelly makes it easy to understand how we can get to know ourselves better and act with confidence and purpose in our personal and professional lives....
"I've used her guided meditations for help during sticking points in life, when I'm just not sure which way I want to go or how I want to move forward. Once identifying my Spirit Animal(s), her well-crafted descriptions of the Spirit Animals [in her book] provide clear information on their gifts and how to understand them.”