I'm the founder of Persephone Center, author of the award-winning book What's Your Spirit Animal?, and Innovative Messenger between Worlds.

My message to you is that you'll never be truly happy, feel fully comfortable in your skin, or reach your true potential . . . unless you accept your gifts, reclaim your power, and be who you were meant to be.

Everything you'll find here at Persephone Center is designed to help you be YOU now.

Master the art of being You

It starts with knowing who you really are—owning your gifts and using them, accepting your power and expressing it.

You can get started right now by discovering your Path of Power. Are you a Messenger, a Warrior, a Creator, or a Scholar? (I'm a Messenger.)

Find out now . . . and be YOU now.

“Kelly makes it easy to understand how we can get to know ourselves better and act with confidence and purpose in our personal and professional lives....
"I've used her guided meditations for help during sticking points in life, when I'm just not sure which way I want to go or how I want to move forward. Once identifying my Spirit Animal(s), her well-crafted descriptions of the Spirit Animals [in her book] provide clear information on their gifts and how to understand them.”